a704153 Merge pull request #1120 from reactorlabs/osrOn Osr on by default
d3aba8b tweaking osr heuristics
b165028 fix cppcheck
db1055c with osr default we should test without osr
1731d7e prevent inlining if there is no return at all
b91322b patch LdFunctionEnv when inlining
f98481f fix pidigits regression
1a206fb fix access to parent of LdFunctionEnv
3ad02fd fix eager eval for useMethod the value needs to be still promise wrapped!
ed554ce serialize_chaos and osr collide, not sure why
40f5159 enable OSR by default
27e82e9 Merge pull request #1119 from reactorlabs/osr Osr
45b0d2a fix fastaredux regression typefeedback struct is shared. we must mark it use...
574bd90 prevent inference to return scalar code type
950becc prevent promise patching if mkenv is in deopt (before inlining)
9cfffa5 fix typefeedback marking as used
b6ef483 track tainted variables in the local env
ab886f5 better printing of typefeedback
9971c86 record typefeedback in osr code
7a32800 scalarness for code objects does not make sense also for lists it leads to s...