58aa03a prevent issue with Inc, where the input type is not precise
828bcee prevent memory leak
baffe09 prevent assertion failing when feedback has no origin
1650311 bugfix, don't set typefeedback when it is void
76cac4e bugfix
c6cddb9 fixes
cc334c7 use typefeedback inference for OSR-in
81fbcac bugfix
cf6e7fa Merge pull request #1118 from reactorlabs/fixNestedLoops fix compilation of ...
64ad41c finally, OSR
7155fc8 fix test again
b479762 disable these tests
13668d4 ensure this gets compiled in the test
a875792 fix compilation of nested loops When we have nested simple loops, then a bre...
b1cb79f Fix naked dots miscompilation (#1115) * Fix naked dots miscompilation In ri...
3a9fd18 Merge pull request #1117 from reactorlabs/fixDeoptlessParams Fix deoptless p...
8045799 fix isInstance for logical scalars Since logical scalars are unboxed in nati...
ea82cac fix testing of function argument types
e0871ab properly tests the types in deoptless
6526f41 fix inference of PirType for unevaluated promise