edccc86 Merge pull request #1160 from reactorlabs/CDIncrementalCheck CD: don't re-ch...
775a26e Merge pull request #1158 from reactorlabs/osrCalls trigger osr of caller for...
4fcaab6 compile callee too
6f17290 avoiding excessive compile times
f62ba04 CD: don't re-check statically known assumptions in optimized code compute wh...
d25ea6a Merge pull request #1159 from reactorlabs/CDfixLookupOfTrivialProm fix looku...
20796a6 fix double-free
8cffc51 fix cppcheck
82769dd trigger osr for caller for small functions
a80f283 non-recursive
9ff5b49 fix lookup of trivial promises in CD the recursive lookup was not working an...
1191b05 Merge pull request #1157 from reactorlabs/varFixes2 various fixes
f0f5325 remove promise in forceAndCall to builtin
4405a53 fix disassembly printing to wrong stream
33a39f0 fix popping args for forceAndCall extra R_MissingArgs where not removed by c...
53c3d63 prevent MkArg from being considered eager, even if upcasted
c54449f prevent delay env from delayin over pushcontext
a1dc0f1 convert to slow assert
ed6792b fix scope analysis for leaked env in osr
91ef9a9 disable test which fails for some compile heuristics