fa614d9 Merge pull request #1156 from reactorlabs/updateBench Update bench
64c03ce update benchmark repo
ccfb7c5 Merge pull request #1153 from reactorlabs/dotsSwitch dots in switch make me ...
8cc16e9 dots in switch make me angry
0ba86b2 Merge pull request #1151 from reactorlabs/wip latest deoptless changes, behi...
524e82f Merge pull request #1152 from reactorlabs/varFixes Var fixes
6d319a2 fix
400ad3a fix leak detection of envs through framestates fixes tab completion·crasher
1900a46 fix visibility issues
6376cad fix compile issues
bb9436b Fix cyclic objects (#1130) * fix cyclic object * add test * maybe a better...
a600f02 api to reset measuring (#1150)
1adb6a2 remove debugging code
5a52e5c don't call deoptimized deoptless continuations
a9fd99f compile uncompiled functions that trigger deopts
cebaf12 remove typefeedback contradicting what is in env
e22e88d enable binding cache in deoptless
c554ef8 Merge pull request #1149 from reactorlabs/stableDeoptChaos no retrigger mode...
6665e2a make deoptless on leaked envs configurable
d58a43c no retrigger mode for deopt chaos a mode that does not deopt chaos on alread...