20abcbe try again to capture memory usage
ee51260 update benchmarks
995e8d3 update benchmark repo
5452d26 add missing named increment (#1180)
940aa35 update benchmarks
fac6087 Gitlab api nil timestamp (#1179) * temporary fix for gitlab api returning ni...
c27da9c enable more fastr benchmarks (#1178)
3e80cc5 Update Dockerfile (#1176)
7136e6e Merge pull request #1174 from reactorlabs/fasterVisitor Faster visitor
b50c05a cppcheck
2e3f894 Offset fix (#1175) * baseline is now at index 0 * print empty contexts
1d2ba40 Merge pull request #1173 from reactorlabs/optLateCompileFuns optimize functi...
c3afe5d remove unused lowering visitor mode
62f3715 speed up visitor by avoiding resizing the done bitmap
073dcfb add a new pir opt level 2 becomes 3. new level 0 is without speculation.
e479944 prevent recursive optimizer triggering
d5111fa reset changes to opt schedule
ec9e38f optimize functions compiled late in the pipeline if an match_call_args disco...
c2f6614 Merge pull request #1170 from reactorlabs/lazyLoadTypefeedabck fix type feed...
5cbc21d fix type feedback for lazy loading stubs